About Us


Hepatitis B and liver cancer are the greatest health disparities experienced by the Asian and Pacific Islander population. Hep B Free: Santa Clara County seeks to unite community and medical stakeholders to promote awareness of hepatitis B. This will be accomplished by:

  • Building public and healthcare provider awareness about the importance of testing and vaccinating Asians and Pacific Islanders for hepatitis B.
  • Promoting routine hepatitis B testing and vaccination within the primary care setting.
  • Providing access to medical management for chronically infected individuals.


Public Awareness

  • Create a public awareness & education campaign via advertising, news stories, PSAs and events.
  • Create countywide collaborations to eliminate the transmission of hepatitis B by improving access to services.
  • Create hepatitis B educational opportunities for primary care clinicians.


  • Provide free or low-cost testing at community and healthcare settings and events.
  • Promote testing for insured patients within the primary care medical community.


  • Provide free or low-cost vaccination through hospital programs, community clinics & special sites.
  • Promote vaccination of insured patients within the primary care medical community.

Treatment / Follow-up

  • Refer patients to their primary care physician or to appropriate clinical sites for follow-up & care.
  • Support primary care clinicians with access to hepatitis B educational venues.
  • In addition to identifying community physicians to offer treatment, hospitals and related clinics will be asked to make a specific commitment to provide charity care for uninsured/underinsured patients who need hepatitis B follow-up and specialty care.

To contact the campaign, please email Arcadi Kolchak at arcadi.kolchak@hepbfreescc.org or Braden Hirasawa at braden.hirasawa@gmail.com.

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