Jerry Hill California State Senator, SD 13

“Working together, we can put an end to Hepatitis B, and make Santa Clara the first county in the nation to be Hep B free.  This disease, which now infects more than 50,000 people in Santa Clara County, is preventable and treatable. Santa Clara County is leading the way and will become Hep B free through its strategy of awareness, screening, and referral to treatment.”  

rich gordon

Rich Gordon California State Assemblymember, AD 24

“Santa Clara County Hep B Free has been a pioneer in educating health care providers and the community about the significance of hepatitis B testing in the API community. It’s programs have successfully raised awareness to both care providers and the community, while building exemplary public and private partnership to provide access to testing and care for those who would not have otherwise had it. I look forward to a continued partnership with SCC Hep B Free.”

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